Welcome to Fascinating Yarns.  My name is Janet and I have been knitting since I was a child.  I am passionate about yarn and love being part of a world wide community of people who feel the same.  Fascinating Yarns has been created to share my passion with all those interested in the fine arts of knitting and crochet.  ICE Yarns is one of the best knitting yarn brands in the world, including more than 300 types of fibre.

We have added a new category to our product line - the Arm Knitting Yarns category - no needles needed!!  These are super super bulky yarns and you can make scarves and other accessories in minutes.  Look up Jumbo Puffy!

 For all of you Facebook account holders, please go along and join @fascinatingyarns where I post lots of free patterns and you can meet other passionate people.


Mes amies francaises, bienvenue a Fascinating Yarns.........

J'espere que vous allez aimer notre choix imbattable de fils a tricoter et crocheter. Revenez souvent pour voir les nouveautes!

Rappellez vous que chaque Mardi est notre jour 'discount'!! Si vous souhaitez un avis, un complement de renseignements ou juste une astuce, n'hesitez pas de m'envoyer un petit mot.  Au revoir mais a bientot!  Notre nouveaute du moment est le Jumbo Puffy - faites vous memes dans deux minutes votre echarpe!

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